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Graviola Leaf 290mg (Capsule)  R 109.00
Graviola is a small evergreen tree, the leaves, fruit, seeds and stem are used as an extract to treat infections caused by bacteria and parasites. Graviola contains many chemicals that may be active against cancer, bacteria , viruses and parasites.
Pack size: 120
Green Tea Extract 260mg (Capsule)  R 56.00
The extract is herbal derivative from green tea leaves. Green tea contains antioxidant ingredients often used as an aid to cancer treatment and for inflammation. It's biochemical properties are antioxidant, anti-carcinogen and anti-inflammatory.
Pack size: 60
IP6 330mg (Capsule)  R 141.00
IP6 known as inositol hexaphosphate, is a vitamin like substance. Some people use IP6 to treat cancer, including prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer and blood cancers. IP6 might help treat cancer by slowing down the production of cancer cells.
Pack size: 120
Kelp 340mg (Capsule)  R 81.00
Kelp contains large amounts of iodine as well as essential vitamins and nutrients. Kelp acts as a natural supplement for obesity because it stimulated thyroid function. Also used in the treatment of cancer, due to it's natural antioxidant and free radical elements. Due to it's rich iodine content, it's useful in treating underactive thyroid problems.
Pack size: 120
MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) (Liquid)  R 30.00
Miracle Mineral Supplement is the colloquial product name for 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water, which is activated with the addition of citric acid such as lemon juice. When activated the mixture contains an oxidizing agent that is used for treatment of HIV, Malaria, Hepatitis, H1N1 flu virus, Influenza and Cancer.
Pack size: 100
Probiotics 373mg (Capsule)  R 84.00
Probiotics are bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of organisms in the intestines and promotes a healthy digestive system. Used for diarrhea, gas and cramping. Also aids in the inflammation of the bowel, infections of the digestive tract and is beneficial in the treatment of colon cancer.
Pack size: 30
Saw Palmetto extract 160mg (Capsule)  R 74.00
Saw palmetto is a plant, it's ripe fruit is used to make medicine that helps to shrink the inner lining of the prostate that puts pressure on the tubes that carry urine. Used to decrease symptoms of enlarged prostate, prostate infections and prostate cancer.
Pack size: 60
Vitamin C 570mg (Capsule)  R 138.00
Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid helps tissue and bone grow and repair themselves, as well as helping the body absorb the mineral iron. Used to assist in the treatment of the common cold, asthma, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and to boost the immune system.
Pack size: 180