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Mental Health
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Agnus Castus 200mg (Capsule)  R 73.00
The Chaste tree is native to the Mediterranean. The berries have long been used for female problems. It is a useful treatment for absent, infrequent and heavy menstruation. Agnus Castus balances the hormone prolactin which is produced by the ovaries after ovulation. It takes about 3 months for the hormone levels to normalize. Agnus Castus has beneficial effects in PMS as well by normalizing the release of hormones from the pituitary that control the function of the ovaries.
Pack size: 60
Ashwagndha Extract 380mg (Capsule)  R 61.00
Ashwagandha is a traditional Indian (Ayurvedic) herbal extract. It is sometimes referred to as Indian Ginseng because it also boosts energy levels.
Pack size: 60
DL-Phenylanine 220mg (Capsule)  R 104.00
An amino acid, which is a building block for Protein. Major dietary sources of DL-Phenylanine includes meat, fish, eggs, cheese & milk. Often used to aid in the treatment of depression, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, Parkinson's disease.
Pack size: 120
GABA 360mg (Capsule)  R 85.00
GABA is an amino acid which acts as a neurotransmitter in the certral nervous system. Gaba is used for an increase in the sense of well-being, improving mood, relieving anxiety, assists in the treatment of ADHD (Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, and often used by body builders as it increases human growth hormone.
Pack size: 90
Ginkgo Biloba 471 mg (Capsule)  R 68.00
Ginkgo is a herb, the leaves are used to make an extract that is used for memory disorders. It aids in Alzheimer's disease, increases blood flow to the brain, vertigo, ringing in the ears, headaches and memory loss. Gingko improves overall blood circulation.
Pack size: 60
H Factor 341mg (Capsule)  R 145.00
A combination of herbs to help with depression, anxiety and general feeling of well being.
Pack size: 120
L-Tyrosine 290mg (Capsule)  R 95.00
L-Tyrosine is an amino acid, the building blocks of protein. The body uses L-Tyrosine to make chemical messengers that are involved in conditions involving the brain such as mental alertness. Used often for depression, ADD, ADHD, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimers disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and as an appetite suppressant.
Pack size: 120
Lecithin 340mg (Capsule)  R 137.00
Lecithin is a fat that is essential in the cells of the body. It is converted into acetylcholine, a substance that transmits nerve impulses. Used for treating memory disorders such as dementia and alzheimers.
Pack size: 180
Nicotinamide 360mg (Capsule)  R 75.00
Nicotinamide has demonstrated anti-inflammatory actions that may benefit in treating skin conditions such as acne, anxiety, Alzheimer disease and headaches. It is a vitamin and part of the vitamin B group.
Pack size: 90
PABA 340mg (Capsule)  R 63.00
PABA is known as para-aminobenzoic acid and is an organic compound. PABA shows antibacterial activity. Used for sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, irritability, depression, moist eczema, scleroderma and vitiligo.
Pack size: 60
Panax Ginseng 246mg (Capsule)  R 40.00
Panax Ginseng is a plant, the root is used to make medicine , and is referred to as a general well-being medication, because it affects many different systems of the body. It improves thinking, concentration, memory, work efficiency, physical stamina and athletic endurance. It helps you to come with stress and is a general tonic for improving well -being. Used for depression, anxiety and to boost the immune system.
Pack size: 30
Phosphatidyl Serine 127mg (Capsule)  R 149.00
Phospatidyl Serine is a chemical that is made by our bodies, it's an important chemical that is part of the cell structure and is key in the maintenance of cellular function, especially in the brain. It is used for Alzheimer's disease, mental function, improving thinking skills, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and improving athletic performance.
Pack size: 60
Selenium 16.6mcg (Capsule)  R 40.00
Selenium is a mineral which is taken into the body in water and food. It is important for making many body processes work correctly. It increases the action of antioxidants. Used for diseases of the blood vessels including stroke and hardening of the arteries. Also for under active thyroid, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, macular degeneration, hay fever, cataracts, mood disorders and HIV.
Pack size: 30
Spirulina 415mg (Capsule)  R 101.00
Spirulina is a natural algae that is very high in protein and nutrients. It is one of the most potent nutrient sources available, which is largely made up of protein and essential amino acids. It is high in Omega 3,6,9 and anti-inflammatory abilities. It helps to remove toxins from the blood and boost the immune system, high in calcium which is good for bone health. Also believed to aid in allergies and increases fat burning during exercise.
Pack size: 120
TMG 370mg (Capsule)  R 67.00
Betaine is a chemical that occurs naturally in the body but can also be found in foods such as beets, spinach, seafood and wine. Betaine helps in the metabolism of a chemical involved in the normal function of blood, bones, eyes, heart, nerves and the brain. Used for osteoporosis, skeletal problems, eye lens problems, depression, osteoarthritis, boosting immunity and improving athletic performance.
Pack size: 60
Valerian extract 495 mg (Capsule)  R 75.00
Valerian is extracted from the passionflower. It's chemicals has a calming, sleep inducing and muscle spasm relieving effect. Used for insomnia, anxiety, nervousness and hysteria.
Pack size: 30
Vitamin B6 with Garlic 493mg (Capsule)  R 83.00
Vitamin B6 also known as Pyridoxine is found in certain foods such as cereals, beans, vegetables, liver, meat and eggs. Required for the proper function of sugars, fats and proteins in the body. Also required for the proper development of the brain, nerves, skin and many other parts of the body. Used to assist in the treatment of heart disease, high cholesterol, clogged arteries, premenstrual syndrome, morning sickness, depression, menopause, Alzheimer's disease, Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, night leg cramps, macular degeneration, boosting the immune system and bladder infections.
Pack size: 60
Vitamn B12 350mg (Capsule)  R 81.00
Vitamin B12 is a vitamin found in foods such as meat, fish and dairy. It is required for the proper function and development of the brain, nerves, blood cells an many other parts of the body. Used for treating anemia, memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, boosting mood, energy, concentration, the immune system and slowing aging. It also helps with sleep disorders, depression, Inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, vitiligo and macular degeneration.
Pack size: 120