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Women's health
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Agnus Castus 200mg (Capsule)  R 73.00
The Chaste tree is native to the Mediterranean. The berries have long been used for female problems. It is a useful treatment for absent, infrequent and heavy menstruation. Agnus Castus balances the hormone prolactin which is produced by the ovaries after ovulation. It takes about 3 months for the hormone levels to normalize. Agnus Castus has beneficial effects in PMS as well by normalizing the release of hormones from the pituitary that control the function of the ovaries.
Pack size: 60
Black Cohosh 250mg (Capsule)  R 53.00
Black Cohosh is a perennial plant native to North America. It's medicinal qualities was discovered by the North American Indian tribes. An important aid to relieve hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.
Pack size: 60
Fenugreek 530mg (Capsule)  R 117.00
The seeds of the fenugreek plant is used for digestive problems such as Inflammation of the stomach. Also ideal for kidney ailments, hernia and erectile dysfunction. Breast-feeding mothers can also use Fenugreek to promote milk flow.
Pack size: 120
Feverfew 276mg (Capsule)  R 41.00
Feverfew is a herb where the leaves are used. Fevervew contains many different chemicals, including parthenolide, which decreases factors which might cause ailments such as migraine. Often used for fever, migraine, PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome) and headaches
Pack size: 30
Vitamin A 50,000iu (Capsule)  R 51.00
Vitamin A is found in many fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk and butter. It is required for the proper functioning of our eyes, skin and immune system. Used for treating malaria, HIV, measles, diarrhea, PMS, improving vision, acne, eczema, gastrointestinal ulcers, Crohn's disease, asthma, and for increase in sperm count.
Pack size: 60
Vitamin B6 with Garlic 493mg (Capsule)  R 83.00
Vitamin B6 also known as Pyridoxine is found in certain foods such as cereals, beans, vegetables, liver, meat and eggs. Required for the proper function of sugars, fats and proteins in the body. Also required for the proper development of the brain, nerves, skin and many other parts of the body. Used to assist in the treatment of heart disease, high cholesterol, clogged arteries, premenstrual syndrome, morning sickness, depression, menopause, Alzheimer's disease, Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, night leg cramps, macular degeneration, boosting the immune system and bladder infections.
Pack size: 60
Wintergreen (Ointment)  R 22.00
Wintergreen oil is made by steam processing of warmed, water-soaked wintergreen leaves. It contains an aspirin-like chemical that reduces pain, swelling and fever. Used for conditions such as headache, nerve pain, arthritis, ovarian pain, menstrual cramps, sore muscles and back pain.
Pack size: 50