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Urinary Tract
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Bromelain 330mg (Capsule)  R 111.00
Derived from the pineapple plant, is one of the group of enzymes that are capable of digesting protein. Useful aid for inflammatory conditions, helps heal minor injuries, muscle injuries and wound healing.
Pack size: 120
Calcium AEP 350mg (Capsule)  R 120.00
Calcium is the most abundant, essential mineral in the human body.
Pack size: 60
Celery seed extract 200mg (Capsule)  R 53.00
Celery grows in many parts of the world. Used as a diuretic, kidney cleanser, gout and for water retention.
Pack size: 60
Colloidal Silver - CANNOT BE POSTED (Liquid)  R 37.00
A colloid consisting of silver particles suspended in liquid. The silver ion is bio-active and kills bacteria by acting as an antibiotic and disinfectant. Essential mineral supplement often used to TB and HIV patients. Can also aid in the treatment of Influenza, diarrhea, sinus and other infections.
Pack size: 500
Cranberry Extract 350mg (Capsule)  R 60.00
Cranberries grow wild on creeping shrubs in the cooler regions of the northern hemisphere. Traditionally used by the Native American tribes.
Pack size: 60
Echinacea Extract 403mg (Capsule)  R 67.00
Enchinacea is a herbal remedy that is extracted from a plant that grows throughout the US & Canada. Studies have shown that it increases the number of white blood cells and boosts the activity of other immune cells, thus aiding in the treatment of Influenza, the common cold and viral infections.
Pack size: 60
Fenugreek 530mg (Capsule)  R 117.00
The seeds of the fenugreek plant is used for digestive problems such as Inflammation of the stomach. Also ideal for kidney ailments, hernia and erectile dysfunction. Breast-feeding mothers can also use Fenugreek to promote milk flow.
Pack size: 120
Folic Acid 5000mcg (Capsule)  R 34.00
Folic Acid is a B-vitamin needed for cell replication. Folic acid helps form building blocks of DNA, the body's genetic information and is needed for protein synthesis in all cells.
Pack size: 60
L-Methionine 401mg (Capsule)  R 78.00
L-Methionine is an amino acid, a building block that our bodies use to make proteins. L-Methionine is used to prevent liver damage in acetaminophen (Tylenol) poisoning. Also used to treat liver disorders, and increase the acidity of urine.
Pack size: 60
Pygeum extract 200mg (Capsule)  R 64.00
Pygeum tree bark is used as medicine, it contains chemicals that help shrink the prostate, relieve urinary problems such as poor urine flow and nighttime urination.
Pack size: 60
Saw Palmetto extract 160mg (Capsule)  R 74.00
Saw palmetto is a plant, it's ripe fruit is used to make medicine that helps to shrink the inner lining of the prostate that puts pressure on the tubes that carry urine. Used to decrease symptoms of enlarged prostate, prostate infections and prostate cancer.
Pack size: 60
Turmeric 340mg (Capsule)  R 77.00
Turmeric is a plant known as the main spice in curry. The root is used to make medicine which has chemicals which decrease inflammation. Used for arthritis, heartburn, jaundice, gallbladder disorders, bronchitis, colds, fibromyalgia, worms and kidney problems.
Pack size: 90
Vitamin B6 with Garlic 493mg (Capsule)  R 83.00
Vitamin B6 also known as Pyridoxine is found in certain foods such as cereals, beans, vegetables, liver, meat and eggs. Required for the proper function of sugars, fats and proteins in the body. Also required for the proper development of the brain, nerves, skin and many other parts of the body. Used to assist in the treatment of heart disease, high cholesterol, clogged arteries, premenstrual syndrome, morning sickness, depression, menopause, Alzheimer's disease, Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, night leg cramps, macular degeneration, boosting the immune system and bladder infections.
Pack size: 60
Vitamin E 350mg (Capsule)  R 61.00
Vitamin E is an anti oxidant that protects cell membranes and other fat soluble parts of the body.
Pack size: 60