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Activated charcoal 100gr (Powder)  R 32.00
Activated Charcoal is made from coconut shells, which detoxes inside & out. It aids the body's natural detoxification in getting rid of toxin build up. It also stops toxins from being absorbed in the stomach by binding with it. Can be used for Kidney Health, Intestinal Gas, Heartburn & Diarrhea.
Pack size: 100
Enzyme Formula 380mg (Capsule)  R 177.00
Enzymes is an essential part of your digestive system. By heating & cooking food, we deactivate the enzymes that is needed to digest the food. This causes various digestive disorders such as gas, indigestion and acid reflux. Enzyme Formula replaces this much needed digestive aid.
Pack size: 60
Himalaya Himcocid Syrup 200ml (Liquid)  R 74.00

Pack size: 200