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Retinal disorders
Bilberry Extract 250mg (Capsule)  R 80.00
Bilberry extract is associated with the improvement of night vision. Used during World War II by pilots. It also assists in the reversal of macular Degeneration. A good source of flavonoids with antioxidant activities.
Pack size: 60
Eye Formula 410mg (Capsule)  R 109.00
A combination of herbs & vitamins to assist in general eye health
Pack size: 60
Eye/Ear Nose drops (Liquid)  R 20.00
The combination of Colloidal Silver and MSM proves well to aid in everyday ear, eye and nose conditions. Colloidal Silver has a bio-active ion that kills bacteria by acting as an antibiotic, while MSM aids in the relieving of pain and inflammation.
Pack size: 25