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Heart Failure
Flaxseed Oil 43mg (Capsule)  R 45.00
Flaxseed is also called linseed. Flaxseed oil is a vegetable oil that contains linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid needed for survival. It also contains alpha linolenic acid , an omega 3 fatty acid. Used for ulcerative cholitis, high cholesterol and constipation.
Pack size: 30
Hawthorn 356mg  R 123.00
A herbal remedy which is the most cardio-protective known. It strengthens heart muscles thereby reducing heart congestion. Also dilates coronary blood vessels thereby improving oxygen supply to the heart.
Pack size: 180
Vitamin C 570mg (Capsule)  R 138.00
Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid helps tissue and bone grow and repair themselves, as well as helping the body absorb the mineral iron. Used to assist in the treatment of the common cold, asthma, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and to boost the immune system.
Pack size: 180
Vitamin E 350mg (Capsule)  R 61.00
Vitamin E is an anti oxidant that protects cell membranes and other fat soluble parts of the body.
Pack size: 60